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Men's Recovery Residences

We offer housing for men in the following areas

Minneapolis, St Paul & St. Cloud


Our Program

We pride ourselves on having a program like no other program!  Our program is guided by people that come from the place that your currently in!

Women's Recovery

We offer housing for women in the following areas

Minneapolis & St Cloud


Hello! I’m Jeremy

Owner & Operator

My wife and I are passionate about helping anyone in the community that is struggling with addiction!  we are both very familiar with the path that you are facing and we both know where your at because we have both been there.

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Our Approach

At change place we believe in making sure our clients and residents are treated as a person. We only employee people that have been is the same situation as you and we want you to fell welcomed!  We believe that incorporating certain things into recovery will help you stay on the right path the same way that it has for us!  We believe in treating the whole body and working toward change, not just operating a house to give a person a roof, but operating an idea and finding every available resource to help you find your path!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer in your housing?

We offer all utilities, internet, furniture, and beds!  We include bedding if you need it, or you can bring your own!

 How long can I stay?

We offer housing as a program, and in our program you can stay far as long as you like!  we dont like to put time limits on things, and as long as the program is working for everyone you are welcome to stay as long as you like!

Do you I have to share a room?

If you are early in recovery, we think its best to share a room, that is not a permeant thing.  we offer single rooms, next step housing, and our “change your path” positive outcome program!

Why are you different then any other program?

what sets us apart from any other program is that we make it our job to help you succeed!  we have partnered up with different places to help guide your path to get to the next step!  We have treatment, food, housing, jobs, and technology!

What is a recovery residence?

A recovery residense is a sober living environment.  It is still a program and the requirements are still to remain sober and go to meetings, but you have the freedom to work, live, and move to the next step in your journey!

What are the rules?

Our requirements are simple!  Don’t use, be respectful, and get involved in service!  We are not the typical program, as we want you to learn to change, and move to the next step in your life!

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For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital

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